Weekly Meditation

13.05.19 & 20.05.19 & 27.05.19 & 03.06.19

8pm - 9.30pm


Mindfulness is to be able to be fully aware of the different aspects of been in the present moment, as in the inner body and the outer surroundings.

The session is divided on 5 stages:
4 stages of 15min each which 2 of them are conversation and 2 of them meditating plus 30 min Yoga teachings.

This type of meditation is a simple way to connect with the present moment surrendering to what it is and accepting life as it comes with a positive mind and an open heart.


20€ each session.


Kopenhagener Strasse 27, 10437 Berlin.

Pablo Gascon short bio:

Pablo has been practicing feeling the connection through Yoga for over 15 years and teaching it for over 10 years worldwide as well as several other Healing modalities.

He is the founder and creator of Yoga beats Project an unique therapy that rises awareness of the reality of life experiences through Yoga, Dance, Breath work, Movement, Music, Partner and Group dynamics, Meditation and setting Intentions to connect with one Self and others, to feel more and think less.

A Open Heart therapy very powerful, introversion and extroversion.
Pablo's work brought him to places like:
Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Hungry, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Ibiza, Canary Islands, Greece, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand.

He studied and practiced:
Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga (INDIA)
Buddhist Meditation (AUS)
Movement as Medicine(Everywhere)
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Healing Massage(AUS)
Remedial Massage(AUS)
Personal Trainer.(AUS/USA)

His teachings are based on the ancient Yoga scriptures with a touch of modern life style.
Pablo's passion is to express the deepest meaning of Life through his sessions.