Activate your abdomen & release emotional blockages

22nd - 23rd May 2019

6pm - 9pm

In the 1. part of the workshop I will go through the map of our abdominal area. What is your abdomen telling You?

I will teach the energy connection between our emotions, the 2. and 3. chakra and our organs in the abdominal area. In this way I invite you to take responsibility of yourself in the most loving way, the way of understanding, who you are, so You can open the doors of acceptance.

In the 2. part of the workshop, I will invite you to an experiential journey under my guidance. You will have the chance to experience for yourself the teaching material, as you will make a profound connection with your Body.

In the 3. and 4. parts of the workshop we will understand more of our eating behaviors, the nature of constipation and other symptoms, we breathe and we expand through our breath. This beautiful knowledge will be your guide to practice at home.


early bird 65€ for the first 5 people to sign-up and pay.
This will be an intimate workshop, so you need to secure your spot asap

Regular price:

Please note, in order to secure your spot you need to prepay the whole ticket.

Cancellation policy:
You get 50% of your money back for cancellations until 5th of May. From 5th of May and on the tickets are not refundable.

You need to provide your own mat, blanket, pillows for your back if needed and tools for taking notes. Please make sure that you are done with food and coffee before you come to the workshop.


If you wish to take the workshop and have a personal treatment with me before or after the workshop, you will get a 10% discount in the whole sum.

To register and for more questions, please contact here

You can watch the video below for more inspiration.

Roula Papathanasiou
With 13 years of experience Roula Papathanasiou travels the world offering healing sessions, retreats and workshops. She is also available for online coaching. Many wonderful teachers have influenced her unique journey and helped her finding her own way and herself, so she could share her wisdom with over 2300 people (recorded sessions till the present day). She is facilitating people to see their own beauty and helps them to discover their self -healing and the connection with their sacred, divine self.